code of professional conduct  

Changescape's Code of Professional Conduct is structured on three principles:
  • Meeting the client's requirements;
  • Integrity, independence, objectivity;
  • Acting responsibility


These principles are underpinned by detailed guidelines, which are explained below

PRINCIPLE I: Meeting the Client's Requirements

A Changescape consultant shall regard the client's requirements and interests as paramount at all times.

  • Competence: Changescape will only accept work that it is qualified to perform and in which the client can be served effectively.  Changescape will not make any misleading claims and will provide references from other clients if requested.
  • Agreement on Deliverables and Fees: Changescape shall agree formally with the client the scope, nature and deliverables of the services to be provided and the basis of remuneration, in advance of commencing work, any subsequent revisions will be subject to prior discussion and agreement with the client.
  • Confidentiality: Changescape will hold all information concerning the affairs of clients in the strictest confidence and will not disclose proprietary information obtained during the course of assignments.
  • Non-poaching: Changescape will not invite or encourage any employee, client for whom the Changescape is working to consider alternative employment, unless it is the purpose of the assignment.
  • Due Care: Changescape will make certain that advice, solutions and recommendations are based on thorough, impartial consideration and analysis of all available pertinent facts and relevant experience and are realistic, practicable and clearly understood by the client.
  • Communication: Changescape will ensure that the client is kept fully informed about the progress of the assignment.  Changescape will encourage and take note of any feedback provided by the client on the performance of its services.
  • Respect: Changescape will act with courtesy and consideration toward the individuals contacted in the course of undertaking assignments.

PRINCIPLE 2: Integrity, Independence, Objectivity

Changescape shall avoid any action or situation inconsistent with its professional obligations or which in any way might be seen to impair Changescape’s integrity. In formulating advice and recommendations Changescape will be guided solely by its objective view of the client's best interests.

  • Disclosure: Changescape will disclose at the earliest opportunity any special relationships, circumstances or business interests which might influence or impair, or could be seen by the client or others to influence or impair, the member's judgment or objectivity on a particular assignment.
  • Conflicts of interest:  Changescape shall not serve a client under circumstances which are inconsistent with its professional obligations or which in any way might be seen to impair its integrity. Wherever a conflict or potential conflict of interest arises, Changescape shall, as the circumstances require, withdraw from the assignment, remove the source of conflict or disclose and obtain the agreement of the parties concerned as to the performance or continuance of the engagement.
  • Inducements:  Changescape shall not accept discounts, hospitality, commissions or gifts as an inducement to show favour to any person or body, nor attempt to obtain advantage by giving financial inducement to clients or client staff.  Payment for legitimate marketing activity may be made, and national laws will be respected.
  • Privacy of information:  Changescape shall not use any confidential information about a client's affairs, elicited during the course of an assignment, for personal benefit or for the benefit of others outside the client organisation; there shall be no insider dealing or trading as legally defined or understood.
  • Objectivity:  Changescape will advise the client of any significant reservations it may have about the client’s expectation of benefits from an engagement.  Changescape will not indicate any short-term benefits at the expense of the long-term welfare of the client without advising the client of the implications.

PRINCIPLE 3: Acting responsibly

Changescape’s conduct shall at all times endeavour to enhance its standing and recognition of the professionalism of the Company.



  •  Continuing professional development:  Changescape will encourage the Continuing Professional Development or all its consultants in order to ensure that the knowledge and skills the consultants offer to clients are kept up to date.
  • Professional obligations to others: Changescape shall have respect for the professional obligations and qualifications of all consultants with whom Changescape works.
  • Conflict of interest: Changescape when accepting an assignment for a client knowing that another consultancy company is serving the client will ensure that any potential conflict between assignments is brought to the attention of the client.  Changescape will respect preferred supplier relationships and where necessary will act in collaboration with preferred supplier networks within a client organisation.  When asked by a client to review the work of another professional, Changescape will exercise the objectivity, integrity and sensitivity required in all technical and advisory conclusions communicated to the client.


Changescape's Code of Professional Ethics is designed to operate in support of and in parallel with the other governance policies and statements made by Changescape.

Monitoring of adherence to governance policies and statements is the sole responsibility of the Directors of Changescape Limited.