It is Changescape’s policy to handle complaints as part of the overall strategy to satisfy the needs of clients’ using Changescape’s services.

Any expression of dissatisfaction will be treated as a complaint and dealt with accordingly.

Complaints should be handled:

  1. Confidentially
  2. Fairly
  3. Promptly

Changescape’s consultants should endeavour to:

  1. Be courteous to the complainant
  2. Respond positively
  3. Offer constructive solutions

All complaints should be:

  1. Acknowledged within 7 days
  2. Notified to the Managing Director

Any person dissatisfied with Changescape’s services should be encouraged to make this fact known at the point and time of their dissatisfaction to the persons directly involved.

The first person to be advised of the complaint should, if appropriate, endeavour to resolve the difficulty, ensuring that Changescape’s policy and procedures are followed. If it is not appropriate for the first person to be advised to deal with the complaint, it should be referred as soon as possible to the Managing Director.  Normally, the sequence of activities to be followed should be:

  1. Complaint received
  2. Complaint acknowledged
  3. Complaint resolved at point of origin if possible or complaint brought to the attention of the Managing Director if resolution is not immediately possible
  4. Explanations / remedy proposed to the Complainant
  5. Agreed remedy implemented
  6. Complaint closed