Pandemic Business Continuity Test™

Testing business continuity plans relating to a pandemic outbreak is a challenging conceptual exercise and it is often difficult to carry out a credible simulation in a “desk top” environment.  The key difficulties lie in preparing for the test and introducing the random levels of absenteeism that will occur during a pandemic “wave”.  Our testing and facilitation services will help you overcome these difficulties and help you create a highly realistic testing environment by introducing “real-world” unpredictability into a simulated pandemic wave.


Our first step is to work with the areas of the business that you wish to engage in the testing exercise.  We will work with your staff to identify key business cycle events, create an interdependency model showing activity interdependencies and maximum tolerable absentee levels, identify exercise participants and the total number of staff that will be covered by the test.


Our next step is to create probability thresholds – this relates to the likely infection rates your organisation might suffer as detailed by the UK Department of Health and your local health authorities.  We then calibrate this to a game of chance (i.e. rolling dice) so that the likelihood of achieving a particular score correlates to likely infection rates. 


The next stage is to play the Pandemic Business Continuity game. Each participant plays the game for the group of staff members they represent.  The availability of each staff member is logged on a wallboard (which we supply) and summarised on an interactive graph (prepared by us). At the end of each simulated week of the test, the impact of staff absence levels on business operations and contingency arrangements (i.e. remote access facilities) is assessed and recorded.


This stage takes the results of the test and considers the overall effectiveness of the plan, identifies areas for improvement and any assumptions that were challenged by the outcome of the test.  A full report including the results of the feedback session and including week by week commentary of test outcomes is produced by our consultant.


The findings and recommendations are discussed with the stakeholder group and a pragmatic action plan is agreed. You may wish to take the actions forward with your own team or engage with Changescape to help programme manage their implementation.


To discuss your Changescape Pandemic Business Continuity Test™ please contact us for a no-obligation initial meeting.