process consulting

In order for any business to run efficiently, its processes must operate in the most cost-effective, time-efficient and customer-focused way possible and with faultless consistency by everyone.  It calls for team working, information sharing and effective knowledge management.  It requires the identification and implementation of best practices throughout the organisation.  At Changescape, we recognise that processes do not operate in isolation and, through the use of techniques like the model opposite, we ensure that full consideration is given to the cultural, strategic and other operational dynamics of your business.

Process Consulting Services from Changescape will help you to:

  • Implement any level of process redesign:
  • Basic and discrete process improvement
  • Full and wide ranging implementation of best practice 
  • Integrate with your company culture and business strategy
  • Redesign, combine, or eliminate processes effectively
  • Define process accountability to prevent the ball being dropped
  • Naturally reinforce what people need to do to delight your customers’
  • Prevent people from needing or wanting to work around the new processes
  • Prevent people from needing or wanting to revert to old behaviours