Return on Investment Risk Assessment™

Undertaking a major investment in information technology has many risk implications related to implementation, roll-out and ongoing operation. But perhaps the biggest risk of all is that the Return on Investment outcome fails to materialise.  Our Return on Investment Risk Assessment™ equips your staff to understand and manage the “trip-wires” that undermine the realisation of required RoI on major technology investments.  The process starts with a scoping activity.
Once the scope and constraints of the Return on Investment Risk Assessment™ have been agreed, we commence the initial stages of our engagement where we will work with the project sponsor and senior members of the project management team to understand what the required economic benefits are and how they are planning to measure and realise them.   At this stage we also assess the technologies and platforms to be deployed during the project.
Having understood the benefits & technical aspects we then perform an assessment of the overall threat relating to achieving the RoI on the particular project.  Of particular relevance to this process is the nature of the technologies to be deployed and our assessment of their past and current track record of generating benefits of a similar magnitude in previous implementations.  At this stage we are seeking to answer several  key question such as “has this technology demonstrated the inherent capability to deliver the level of economic return to make deploying it an attractive investment?” & “how was this achieved”. Of partcular relevance at this stage is the identification of “trip-wires” that caused the achieved benefits to fall short of expectations.
Our risk treatment programme takes the exposures above and develops an assurance programme, based on the specific attributes of the project (suppliers, in-house & external expertise & IT environment) to reduce levels of uncertainty in specific areas that might cause significant RoI shortfall.  Although not an exhaustive list, improved assurance of capability may be obtained via:
In-depth supplier due diligence;
Corroboration of reference site relevance;
Involving specific technical or subject matter experts into the project;
Technology maturity and compatibility;
Our own research into return on investment risk associated with similar projects and deployments.
This final step pulls together the prior assurances and assessments so that they can be entered on a Project Risk register as specific risks that be monitored throughout the life of the project. You may wish to take the actions forward with your own team or engage with Changescape to help manage their implementation and ongoing review.
To discuss a Changescape ROI Risk Assessment™ with one of our team, please contact us for a no-obligation initial meeting.