executive coaching

Executive Performance Coaching from Changescape uses proven technologies to help unlock the potential in you and your management team. We commence with an informal discussion to start to build the coach and coachee relationship and agree aims/objectives. Following that, a coaching schedule is established that will ensure those aims are met and the coaching begins. Depending on your needs, the coaching service may include implementing 360º feedback surveys, team-based workshops focused on leadership & behaviourally oriented performance management skills and individual coaching linked to business goals. 

Executive Performance Coaching from Changescape will allow you to:

  • Identify critical business results needed to move the business forward
  • Communicate your vision in a way that energises everyone
  • Understand how your own behaviours impact the realisation of your vision
  • Strengthen collaboration and partnering within your management team
  • Accelerate the progress of new projects and programmes
  • Create a work environment where employees feel ownership of the business and want to make a difference
  • Develop aligned, behaviour-based action plans to drive improvements where it matters most
  • Provide encouragement, feedback and coaching to improve performance
  • Measure and monitor performance to assess its impact on business results

Unclear about whether you want coaching or training?  No problem.  At Changescape, we can provide generic Performance Coaches or, if required, we can ensure you have access to a coach with relevant topic experience that will allow a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and 1-1 training.

To ensure that the coaching provided meets the needs of the executive, a framework should exist to support the service.  The Changescape IDEAS Coaching Methodology™ is a model based on best practice coaching methods and techniques.  The model is iterative and applies to each individual coaching session.  However, the first session will also focus on business goals to be achieved by the entire coaching programme.

I Initiate the coaching session.  Here we identify business objectives to be delivered and the specific objectives to come out of this coaching session.  The specific session objectives should be stated in terms of personal and business goals.  Quantification of the objectives and measures of success is key to their definition.

D Discuss issues and current performance levels.  Here we identify where the executive is with their role and what issues they are having in moving it forwards.  They are encouraged to quantify their issues in process and in human terms and to break the issues down into small components.

E Evaluate alternatives.  This is where the executive can examine different strategies for moving their role forwards and determine how well each option deals with the issues identified in stage 2 above.  In the context of performance coaching, they would be identifying and evaluating their own alternatives, encouraged by the coach.  In the situation of context sensitive coaching, they may not have the experience or skills to identify all alternatives so direct content input from the coach may be necessary.

A Action Planning.  This is where, based on the selected components from stage 3 above, detailed action plans are established that will include what has to be done, who has to be involved in doing it, when it has to be completed by and what deliverables will be produced.  The time box of the action plans should be limited to the duration between coaching sessions.

S Support & Challenge.  This is where, in between formal coaching sessions, the coachee may need help from within their own organisation or from the external coach.  Support from your Changescape coach will be provided by phone or e-mail at no additional cost.

Typically, a series of 6 coaching sessions 3-4 weeks apart is sufficient to help any executive but depending on circumstances more or fewer sessions can be agreed.  If, after your first session, you feel coaching is not for you, tell us and there will be no cost to you at all.

Coaching For Maximum Performance

If you wish to implement coaching across your company, using your own managers as coaches, this workshop will provide you with the skills and processes to achieve success.  In its standard format, Coaching For Maximum Performance is a non-residential 4-day workshop but it can be adapted to other formats and durations to suit your specific needs.