WINNERS Business Improvement Game™

Do you have a desire to motivate and revitalise your team?  Changescape can help you improve business processes, build team working, increase motivation and introduce new efficiency with its WINNERS Business Improvement Game™

The WINNERS Business Improvement Game™ is designed as an action-oriented vehicle to improve the motivation and effectiveness of any team.  It will allow the team to identify failings in their business processes and will improve team working and communications.  It will run with 4-12 players and can be run in anything from 90 minutes up to 4 hours, depending on the size of group and scope of the exercise. 

For it to be truly effective, senior management need to commit to implement some of the ideas for change that will arise from the use of the game.  Obviously, no one expects all ideas to be implemented but following a cost/benefit review of the suggestions coming out of playing the game, management should commit to produce a prioritised action plan.

Focusing on actions is the responsibility of the Changescape facilitator who will guide the players towards positive results and who will record ideas, comments, issues and actions.  All output created during the game the is collected at the end of the session so it can be sorted, clarified (where necessary) and input into a report that is presented to the Management Team of the client organisation, after the game is completed.

The WINNERS Business Improvement Game™consists of the following components:

  1. 1 WINNERS Business Improvement Game™ playing board
  2. 12 pieces to represent each player's position on the board
  3. 2 dice
  4. 10 Team Challenge cards
  5. 10 Opportunity Review cards
  6. 1 facilitators guide
  7. 1 timer for controlling time spent on each activity
  8. 1 WINNERS Business Improvement Game™ carry case

The WINNERS Business Improvement Game™ is a fast-paced, fun motivational tool and is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your teams.  Click this link to talk to Changescape about using The WINNERS Business Improvement Game™ in your organisation.

Changescape can run these events for you at a cost of £1,750 plus expenses and for that investment, you get the game tailored to your specific environment, a trained facilitator to run the event and a detailed management report of the recommendations arising from the game.  VAT is added at rates prevailing on the day of delivery.

Alternatively, should you wish to license any of our games to facilitate yourself, an End User License Agreement can be arranged on a sliding scale (based on the number or people in your team who will play the game).   With the End User Licence Agreement option, you get a full set of the game components and Changescape will train your facilitators how to run the game and tune it each time you use it.  This licence rate is inclusive of all expenses but VAT is added at rates prevailing on the day of delivery.