WINNERS Project Management Game™

The WINNERS Project Management Game™ is designed to provide a dynamic and fun way to learn the importance of best practice methods when managing projects.  It will allow the players to establish a project strategy and then use that strategy along with a project budget to put a framework in place for managing a project.  Once the frameworks are established, it becomes a race for the finish with the players deploying their strategies to overcome all the usual obstacles that projects face.  It will run with 3-12 players and takes 1 day to play (including the workshop review).

The game itself is only part of the process – it highlights the issues that projects face as well as showing the importance of a professional approach towards project management.  Following the game-play, a workshop assists the players to review the approaches used and agree ways in which projects in their organisation can be strengthened by improvements in project management practices.  The WINNERS Project Management Game™ can be played on its own or can form part of a structured project management training programme.  The game can be played by individuals working on disassociated projects or by an entire project team where the focus is on how to tackle one specific project or assist with a project kick-off.

The WINNERS Project Management Game™ consists of the following components:

  • 1 WINNERS Project Management Game™ playing board (2-sided)
  • Playing pieces to represent each player’s/team’s position on the board
  • 2 dice
  • 3 Project Strategy Pads (100 sheets in each)
  • 420 Project Strategy Cards
  • 120 Project Challenge Cards
  • 3.75K Project Credit Tokens for each player/team and a Bankers Pack
  • 1 Facilitators Guide
  • 1 WINNERS Project Management Game™ carry case

The WINNERS Project Management Game™ is a fast-paced, fun and motivational learning tool that is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your project teams.

Our consultants have all worked in senior project roles and have organised many project management training programmes in the past.  A recent study by US based Standish Organisation showed that over 50% of all projects undertaken fail to some degree and of those that do fail, poor project management is the cause in almost 75% of cases.  The WINNERS Project Management Game™ can help prevent you becoming another Standish statistic!

Like all our products, the WINNERS Project Management Game™ is a based on a framework that can be adapted to your specific business or project environment during implementation so that it is aligned with your project management methodology, your business issues and your culture.

To add even more value, where players are coming from the same project, our consultants can focus on their specific project during the review stage of the game so that a project strategy that works for you is an output from the process.

Changescape can run these events for you at a cost of £1,750 plus expenses and for that investment, you get the game tailored to your specific environment & a trained facilitator to run the event.  VAT is added at rates prevailing on the day of delivery.

Alternatively, should you wish to license any of our games to facilitate yourself, an End User License Agreement can be arranged on a sliding scale (based on the number or people in your organisation who will play the game).   With the End User Licence Agreement option, you get a full set of the game components and Changescape will train your facilitators how to run the game and tune it each time you use it.  This licence rate is inclusive of all expenses (if implemented in the UK) but VAT is added at rates prevailing on the day of delivery.