We have a proven and results focused Project HealthCheck Methodology.  It commences with an initiation stage where we establish the audit terms of reference with our project HealthCheck Sponsor.  This identifies which projects will be health checked, when and to what level of detail.  We also agree who will be involved in the feedback sessions and whether written or verbal feedback is required.

Next, we meet with the project manager and interview them to determine how they are conducting the project.  Focus of the questioning will relate to how they feel they are implementing best practice methods and how well those methods are working for them. 

The HealthCheck then continues with an assessment of the project file which should be the repository for all the project management deliverables created to-date.  Visual inspection of the project file will allow the project auditor to validate information gleaned from the project manager with recorded practice within the project.  This assessment goes beyond simple validation that the requisite deliverables exist and examines their fitness for purpose.

Next, the project sponsor and key users are interviewed along with a subset of the project team members to ascertain their level of comfort with the projectís progress and the methods being used to move the project forwards.  Evidence for or against the likely success of the project is sought.

The penultimate stage of the HealthCheck is to consolidate all the findings and analyse what it all means in the context of best practice being followed and the projectís likelihood of success.  This stage concludes with the production of a series of recommendations.

The final stage is to provide feedback to the project manager and the project audit sponsor.  This is typically done through a verbal review but can be supported by a written summary of findings and recommended actions if required.

The whole process is designed to take 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the project and availability of people to interview.