project methodologies

Whatever your business, you will benefit from access to proven best practice methods to help you get the most from your teams and to demonstrate your professionalism to your customers.  At Changescape, we have a library of best practice methodologies that we can tune to your unique and specific business needs.  Alternatively, we can develop a bespoke methodology, drawing upon best practices from a number of disciplines.

The implementation of any Changescape methodology is done using the following approach:

  •     Define and agree Terms of Reference for the work to be done
  •     Identify the sponsor and key stakeholders for the implementation
  •     Commence communications plan with affected workforce
  •     Assess current working practices in the area to be implemented
  •     Finalise the scope of the change and agree the business case
  •     Tune/build the appropriate methodology
  •     Test the methodology with the sponsor and key stakeholders
  •     Refinement based on sponsor and stakeholder feedback
  •     Define and agree the methodology implementation plan
  •     Train the affected workforce
  •     Review and refine where necessary based on live experience
  •     Sign off the development and commence support programme

Each methodology implementation is carefully planned and executed with decision points in all key stages to ensure you maintain full control over time, cost and quality.

Sales Methodologies

If you operate in a B2B environment then our WINNERS Sales Methodology™ can be the basis for helping you to increase sales revenue, focus sales efforts and improve sales forecasting.  Our WINNERS Sales Methodology™ is independent of but complementary to any CRM software package you use today or in the future so you not have to worry about past or future investments in technology.  The WINNERS Sales Methodology™ consists of a 7-stage sales cycle aligned to complex solution based sales environments where selling and buying is done by teams and not individuals.  The WINNERS Sales Methodology™can include the following components:

  •     Full documentation tuned to your specific needs
  •     Definition of sales competencies
  •     Identification of full sales development needs
  •     Lifecycle overview
  •     Sales Handbook with policies and processes explained
  •     Case-study based training programme
  •     Integration with your existing CRM tool if required
  •     Library of MS Word document templates
  •     Library of fully functional MS Excel spreadsheets
  •     Post implementation support programme
  •     Coaching for sales managers and sales representatives


Project Management Methods

If you operate in or are moving towards a project environment then our Best Practice Project Management Methodology (BPPM™) can help you to ensure you deliver projects on time, to budget and meeting your business needs.  BPPM™ is independent of but complementary to all the industry standard project planning tools so whether you use MS Project, Open Workbench, Artemis or something different, this methodology will ensure you get the best from your project investment.  A study by the US based Standish Organisation showed that less than 15% of companies deliver successful projects.  That same study showed a common theme in the reason for project failure and that was poor project management.  BPPM™ from Changescape is based on experience gained from years of successful project implementations and includes the following components:

  •     Lifecycle overview
  •     Project Management Process Guides
  •     Experiential learning programme
  •     Library of templates
  •     Optional tailoring to your specific business needs
  •     Optional post implementation support programme