project reviews

Under normal circumstances, a Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the essential Post implementation Review is properly completed a suitable period of time after implementation of a project. The Post Implementation Review or Project Review is different to a Benefits Realisation Review in that a suitable period of time will be needed to enable controls to become established, metrics to be gathered and opinions to be formed before a Benefit Realisation Review can be carried out.  Where possible the Post Implementation Review should be performed as close to the project end/closure event as possible, ensuring that any improvements to the project approach are adequately captured in a lessons learned report.
Project Review Approach

A project review must assess the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of the governance approach, project management method, stakeholder management, risk & issue management, planning and controls. This can be achieved by canvassing opinions from those directly affected by the project either as team members, delivery partners or stakeholders.

A workshop, independently facilitated by Changescape is a very effective way to ensure that your Project Review happens, that it is well facilitated and that action-oriented lessons are captured as a result of the review.

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